Direction of Travel

Direction of Travel

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The direction we are aiming at is also, of course, a choice we make. Sometimes we may discover ourselves going in one direction only to discover that it is undesirable.

As we journey sort of north east, we encounter a great deal of Terra Incognita – unknown lands. We pass a cave where we may want to retreat in the face of danger or threats. We may have to navigate a chasm or end up in a desert. And yet, just below that is a very pleasant destination – a nice market town (Pasaran) where we can happily live out our days, or at least, establish a new base of operations.

Of course, if we miss that destination, we may end up in a Graveyard. In itself, the Graveyard is not a dangerous place to be, but if our thinking gets affected while we are there, if we adopt Western stories of death, then we may have a much harder time leaving it, shaking off fears and anxieties, doom and gloom.

A little more to the south of the graveyard, is a very successful, exclusive and perhaps even privileged town (Eelis) to which some people may aspire to live.

Choose well where you want to go, and decide if you are passing through or staying. And while choosing, bring to mind who may be included in your selection, and who you may be leaving out.


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