Futures for Africa

What would new narratives and scenarios mean, for the Future of Africa?

Find new opportunities for your business, your sector, your city and your country by learning the futures thinking skills that can help to make them possible.
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THEME: Creating new opportunities for Nigeria

There are prevailing narratives in the world about Africa, but perhaps it is time we wrote our own stories about our future. This programme aims to introduce new narratives, and new models that we can use to craft potential futures scenarios that satisfy our hopes and dreams for Africa.

PURPOSE: Learning Futures Thinking

The theme of the Workshop is about developing positive futures scenarios for Africa, but the primary goal is to teach and transmit the Futures Thinking models and tools that allow organisations to craft new futures.

Futures Thinking, or Strategic Foresight, is a set of tools that allow organisations to gather intelligence, manage change, and most importantly to describe new futures with practical plans to realise them.

While we change the narrative of what is possible in Africa, by sharing data and stories, we also want to offer the tools that can be used to recreate these opportunities in your organisation.

Cape Town Innovation and Creativity

In Cape Town, South Africa
12-14 September 2023

What we will cover

Futures thinking (or Strategic Foresight) is a professional development skill that can be used by leaders in Africa, to understand, assess and determine what is coming as well as redirect our focus to aim to a better future. It allows us to prepare for eventualities as well as draw closer to preferred futures.

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What does the program include?

This symposium program includes pre and post agenda meetings, in-person sessions and a day outing to see Futures In Action.

Day 1 - Africa: On the Cusp of an Economic Miracle

On our first day we unpack the inspiring and hopeful message of a positive scenario for Africa. Drawing from the content of the book, 'Africa:On the Cusp of an Economic Miracle' first presented by Yelang Prue Jinka, we will explore 7 areas where Africa sits poised to take advantage of special and sometimes unique, circumstances.

This session will be presented by either or both of the authors and a copy of the book will be presented to each delegate.

Day 2 - Using the Tools

On our second day we will use and practice some of the futures tools available to unpack, workshop and create scenarios for some of the lessons from Day 1. We will explore the likely scenarios of pursuing positive developments versus the alternative scenarios.

This session will be presented by Charlotte Kemp who will share academic and business models to develop good futures scenarios.

Delegates will receive a comprehensive set of notes, models, scenarios and trends for use in their own organisations.

Cape Town Innovation and Creativity

Day 3 - Futures in Action

On our final day we will have a field trip and visit 3 innovative and futures focussed organisations in Cape Town in the agriculture, education and scientific spaces.

These visits will help to build innovative networks and provide demonstrations of companies using futuristic tools to have successful businesses now and into the future.

What does the fee include?

futures thinking workshops

Each Delegate

The conference fees for each delegate includes:

  1. 2 Days of In Session meetings, including lunches and refreshments
  2. A Pre-event party on the evening prior to the sessions, with drinks and snacks.
  3. Travel costs, lunch and refreshments for the 3rd day ‘Futures in Action’
  4. A copy of both books as well as conference notes
  5. A Certificate of Completion
Futures thinking online courses

Each Company

Each company represented by a delegate will also receive:

  1.  A set of Trend cards pertinent to their field and to Africa.
  2. A set of Scenarios pertinent to the Future of Africa.
  3. One Pre and one Post Conference Zoom call to discuss learnings and potential strategies.
  4. Access to an Online Learning Program with the Fundamentals of Futures Thinking, to begin to share this mindset and approach with colleagues.

The Speakers

Charlotte Kemp

International Futures Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader, Charlotte Kemp is also an author with 7 titles on Amazon. She holds the position of President-Elect of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), is a past president of the Professional Speakesr Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) and is a professional member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).

Yelang Prue Jinka

Speaker, Consultant, Founder and Executive Producer of TV channel, All Access Africa, Yelang Prue Jinka is a diversity and intercultural communication specialist and an emerging thought-leader in her field. It is Yelang's White Paper "Africa: On the Cusp of an Economic Miracle" that this symposium is based on.

Bruce Wade Master Story Engineer

Bruce Wade

Speaker, coach and story engineer, Bruce Wade bases his work on the Strategic Narrative Methodology, 7 Laws of Sustainable Innovation.

He is an author of over 20 books, a Professional Speaker and the past Association President of the Professional Speaking Association of Southern Africa.

Voices Into Africa

Voices Into Africa

Administration and conference support is offered by Voices Into Africa, an African events company focussed on supporting the speakers and speaking profession in Africa.

Let us discuss the content

We know that we cannot change does not happen in a single symposium, but we can introduce new ideas to challenge limiting thinking.

The following content will be covered during the 3 day event, with additional support offered before and after the symposium.

The option of additional leadership coaching or in-house work at a company’s premises, can be discussed for those organisations wanting to make more substantial changes.

  1. 7 Specific Areas where Africa has a potential advantage
  2. 6 Pillars of Futures Transformation
  3. The 4 Stages of Futures Thinking
  4. 7 Foundational Questions to Understanding our Organisations and our Countries
  5. Horizon Scanning – What is coming next
  6. Trend Spotting – How to identify trends and more importantly, Counter Trends
  7. Scenario planning – The most powerful way to prepare for any future
  8. 4 Scenarios for Africa
  9. Road Mapping – How to test your new strategies
  10. The 3 Lenses of Futures Thinking – Useful so that you don’t create irrelevant plans
  11. The 3 Levels of Futures Thinking – Mindset, Toolset, Skillset


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Hear from previous delegates and clients ​

Charlotte provided us with a solid set of tools so that one can face the future with more confidence, make more informed decisions, and feel some peace and certainty in the midst of other people’s chaos.​
For a few minutes we were transported decades ahead, only to be placed back into the present to begin wondering - when, how and what can we do to capture these opportunities for our business, faster?
She is great, gives her attention, warm, good listener and easy to work with. What I also loved was how she aligned and linked what seemed to be just a conversation, to my actual work. I will recommend anytime. I am a happy and thrilled client. Thank you!
What Charlotte speaks about is contemporary, relevant, and urgent for business today. She helped us understand ... to have greater clarity on how to read the trends. I recommend in-depth sessions with Charlotte as an essential risk-mitigation strategy.
Charlotte's presentation had a unique perspective which was very thought provoking. As a futurist she offered very insightful ideas and thought provoking takeaways. She really added something special to our session is clearly an expert in her field.
I have attended Charlotte's webinars and found them to be detailed, insightful, and useful for both professionals as well as people who are just beginning their futures journey. I strongly recommend working with her