How Futures Thinking can help your business grow

What made a business successful in the 20th Century will lead that business to ruin in the 21st Futures Thinking

A Futures Thinking Program designed for your business

The application of futures thinking tools can help you find business today and stay in business tomorrow.

The Future and the present are linked​

The newspaper headlines would have us believe that the world has never been in so much of a mess. But the perspective that futures thinking gives us, is that this is simply not true.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Futures Thinking

Every generation has its challenges, but while we are overwhelmed by the current circumstances we have neither the energy to deal with today nor the capacity to create tomorrow.

Futures thinking models allow us to get a perspective of our business environment that provides us with

  • New opportunities for markets and clients
  • New ways to sell our products or market out value
  • New ways to define our culture and attract more loyal customers
  • New revenue opportunities

At the same time, future thinking will help us avoid disasters, identify avenues that may become dead-ends commercially, and ways to dodge values changes that could cancel your company’s reputatio.

Let’s talk about the cost.
What happens when your models no longer work?

What this means is that all of your good plans for the future of your company become redundant when they aren’t rooted in a futures thinking model.

What is this program good for?

Futures thinking (or Strategic Foresight) is a professional development skill that all leaders should strive to develop if they want their own careers, and their organisations, to be sustainable. It is the new essential organisational skill.

This program is designed to introduce this conversation to your leaders and decision makers, to foster an appreciation for futures thinking and to salt your conversations with new ways to think about current projects and future sustainability.

What are the program options?

This program can be presented in a short session for inspirational purposes or a longer session for learning purposes.

They are designed for teams (with a preferable limit of 20) and will be focussed on your company’s industry sector.

Futures Thinking for Business Success Webinar

The team will learn about the models and have the opportunity to discuss them.
R 18,000
  • 1.5 hour session
  • Interactive Presentation
  • E-workbook and guide to fostering conversations

Futures Thinking for Business Success Webinar

The team will learn about the models and have the opportunity to discuss them.
R 24,500
  • 3.5 hour session
  • Interactive Presentation
  • E-workbook and guide to fostering conversations

Futures Thinking for Business Success Workshop

The team will learn, discuss and practice the models as appropraite to your industry.
R 35,000
  • Full day - 6 hour workshop
  • Interactive session with breakouts
  • E-workbook and printable models and discussion guides

All sessions above are for virtual presentations on the platform of your choice. In person sessions will be quoted separately. Bespoke workshops can be arranged.

All sessions also come with
* the relevant e-workbook
* as well as a short post-course video series to reinforce the learnings
* and an ebook copy of ‘Futures Alchemist’

These prices are relevant until end November 2022.

Meet your Futures Facilitator, Charlotte Kemp

Charlotte Kemp International Futurist Keynote Speaker

Charlotte Kemp is a professional, international futurist keynote speaker and workshop leader.

She holds leadership positions in the local speakers association (PSASA), is the President-Elect of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and is a professional member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF).

These roles mean that she has global experience and perspective and good insight into the range of change management topics dealt with by her speaker and futurist colleagues.

For you, that means that she can source and bring the latest and most relevant learning to your teams.

Hear from previous delegates and clients ​

Charlotte provided us with a solid set of tools so that one can face the future with more confidence, make more informed decisions, and feel some peace and certainty in the midst of other people’s chaos.​
For a few minutes we were transported decades ahead, only to be placed back into the present to begin wondering - when, how and what can we do to capture these opportunities for our business, faster?
She is great, gives her attention, warm, good listener and easy to work with. What I also loved was how she aligned and linked what seemed to be just a conversation, to my actual work. I will recommend anytime. I am a happy and thrilled client. Thank you!
What Charlotte speaks about is contemporary, relevant, and urgent for business today. She helped us understand ... to have greater clarity on how to read the trends. I recommend in-depth sessions with Charlotte as an essential risk-mitigation strategy.
Charlotte's presentation had a unique perspective which was very thought provoking. As a futurist she offered very insightful ideas and thought provoking takeaways. She really added something special to our session is clearly an expert in her field.
I have attended Charlotte's webinars and found them to be detailed, insightful, and useful for both professionals as well as people who are just beginning their futures journey. I strongly recommend working with her

Let us discuss the content

We know that we cannot change someone’s mindset in a single workshop, but we can introduce new ideas to challenge limiting thinking.

The following models will be covered so that, by the end of the session delegates would be able to initiate their own futures plan for their department, immediately.

  1. The Futures Cone – A valuable way to look at the future and understand the variables
  2. The 4 Stages of Futures Thinking
  3. Horizon Scanning – What is coming next
  4. Trend Spotting – How to identify trends and more importantly, Counter Trends
  5. Scenario planning – The most powerful way to prepare for any future
  6. Road Mapping – How to test your new strategies
  7. The 3 Lenses of Futures Thinking – Useful so that you don’t create irrelevant plans
  8. The 3 Levels of Futures Thinking – Mindset, Toolset, Skillset