How to think like a futurist

How to think Like a Futurist

Determine your organisation's future

We cannot delegate our critical thinking to others. Learn some models to start to think like a futurist. Make better choices. think more clearly. Discover new approaches.

We are all natural futurists, but as with anything worthwhile, we can become better if we put some attention and focus on developing this professional development skill.
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The Agenda

In this 3 hour, interactive workshop, we will cover 5 big questions and use a relevant futures model to begin to answer them.

The workshop will include breaks and break-out rooms.

All delegates will receive a workbook with the models to use in the workshop and afterwards as a guide to futures decision making.

Is this a Fad or a Trend?

Trend Spotting is a skill and we will explore the differences between trends, fads, bubbles, and other anomalies.

How do these issues relate?

The Axes of Uncertainty will help us see how apparently unrelated issues can cause new situations which are either challenges or opportunities.

Will I still be relevant?

Unpacking Scenarios helps us to explore ways to prepare ourselves for potential futures where our skills need to be updated.

Echo. Echo. Echo.

Intentionally Scanning helps us to become aware of issues, values, opinions, successes outside of our echo chambers.

Is this inevitable?

Are we destined for a future, or can we explore our options using the Futures Cone to decide what is preferable?

What are the benefits?

Avoid becoming redundant and irrelevant. Stay in business and stay employed. Identify and take advantage of real futures opportunities.

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Workshop Investment

ZAR 950 per person (public event)

ZAR 22,000 for a private company session – online

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