Coaching for Futures Thinking

Developing Futures Thinking as a Collaborative Advantage

Do you have a futurist on your leadership team?

If our leaders are not prepared for the future, then all of our strategies, programs and projections will fail. Being futures focussed means that obstacles can be identified early enough to not undermine our plans and new information can be found to provide new resources, markets or opportunities.

These are coachable skills.

The Coaching Program

No new skill or mindset can simply be downloaded. We need coaching and conversation to challenge our unexamined assumptions, misconceptions and limiting beliefs. And then we need to replace those with new approaches, new models and new evidence of what is possible now and into the future. 

This is a 6 month process, as a minimum, with an option to continue. 

Participants will have access to one-on-one calls with the Coach, as well as group conversations, access to live and pre-recorded webinars, documents, ebooks, model templates and more. 

  • Stage 1 – Preparation and uncovering existing values and beliefs about the past and hopes and plans for the future. An assessment is completed and a report issued to each participant of their own journey. 
  • Stage 2 – We start with Mindset and deal with the philosophy, the paradigms, the structures that have led us to where we are in our careers and where our businesses are at this point in time. 
  • Stage 3 – We introduce the tools and models that we can use to challenge our old assumptions and to shine light on new opportunities and approaches. 
  • Stage 4 – We begin to practice those tools applying them to a range of different and relevant real world problems applicable to those in the coaching cohort.
  • Stage 5 – Before the initial 6 month process is over a comprehensive book is provided for each  participant outlining their starting point, their growth journey, their personal and professional aims, and the relevant tools, trends and insights that they have chosen to use in their expedition into the future.


Participants will complete this program with 

  • A lexicon of language and terms to better communicate about the future
  • An understanding of their own and others’ mindsets about the future, the better to cope with change challenges
  • A toolbox of models and approaches that can address a range of futures related concerns
  • A skillset and the experience of using these tools in different circumstances
  • A cheat set of participant-appropriate trends, issues and questions to use in company wide collaborations and conversations
  • A bespoke set of scenarios relevant to the organisation

Who is this for?

People who believe that they have the agency to influence their part of the future

Leaders who want to realign their organisation for the future

Conscious leaders who want to create better futures

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Public and In-House

Individuals and small groups can join the ongoing coaching group.

In house or closed groups are also available for companies with 5 or more leaders on the coaching.

Coaching Investment

The coaching investment is very affordable. Please send an email to enquire about a meeting or more details.

There are discounts available for upfront payments, multiple delegates and non-profits, and bonus sessions for companies with 5 or more leaders on the program.

Testimonials from Clients


The program components

  1. 1 initial staging session per participant
  2. Up to 2 1-on-1 meetings per participant per month 
  3. 2 Group coaching calls a month. In house teams for 4 or more clients may elect to have their own private group calls.
  4. Access to WhatsApp (admin only) group for updates and relevant information
  5. Access to all monthly Open Webinars
  6. Access to all public workshops during the period
  7. Access to all ebooks in the “Introduction to Futures Thinking” series
  8. Access to all online courses during the period 
  9. At the end of month 5, a full book report with personal and company futures goals 
  10. A set of company specific scenarios
  11. A set of relevant trends, questions and conversation starters for use with your own teams