These books are available on Amazon, but can also be ordered from this site for print versions. All books, where appropriate, are available as co-branded items for conferences or sponsorships.

Futures Alchemist


Using the Map, Compass and Guide model, this narrative explains how we can approach and craft our futures.

Conscious Futurist

We are all natural futurists, but we can become better, more conscious futurists by applying some intention and scaling the Conscious Futurist Spiral.


Futures Literacy

We cannot begin to communicate clearly, plan or influence the future, if we do not have enough language to discuss it meaningfully. Futures Literacy introduces us to this languge.

Chief Futures Thinking Officer

If our leaders are not prepared for the future, then all of our strategies, programs and projections will fail. Being futures focussed means that obstacles can be identified early enough to not undermine our plans and new ideas can be found to provide new resources, markets or opportunities.