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Explore and create the future

Prepare to go on a journey to discover and design your future.

Our future can be navigated

When we view the future as a journey that we go on, then it is easier to prepare. We can consult maps, pack the correct gear and engage with experienced people who have gone on this journey before.

And we can decide where we are going, instead of drifting on the currents to some undesired and unintended destination.

The Model in three parts

Futures Map Island


Even where detailed information is missing, we have some navigational guidelines to the future, a map of time.

We use what information we have, then boldly explore the unknown so that we can complete the information on the map.


To navigate the map or the terrain of time, we need some tools. The Compass contains models and tools for this purpose.

Follow the four navigation points to know what you are looking for, and then use the tools to find the information you need.

Charlotte Kemp guide


Find a guide, a person experienced in navigating uncertain terrain, comfortable with uncertainty and ready to explore the unknown.

This site, the book and the Futures Alchemist are all guides, but your organisation needs you to be a guide too.

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