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Where to start

Introduction to Futures Thinking

Intro to Futures

If you are new to futures thinking, then we recommend that you start with 'Futures Literacy'. There is a book and an online course. Various Keynotes are also available to bring the topic to your employees or clients.

Applying Futures Thinking


See how futures thinking relates to the work you do. You can read 'How to be the Conscious Futurist the World Needs Now' or 'How to Become your Organisation's Chief Futures Thinking Officer".

Futures Thinking Coaching

Deep Dive

Depending on your needs this could be a company workshop on futures thinking, or futures thinking coaching for leaders.

Join the Futures Alchemy Collaborative

The Collaborative is hosted on Patreon, which means you can join for free and follow along with the content, or subscribe to one of two affordable options if you want to dive deeper. The programme includes a stream of easily digestible ideas in the form of videos, articles, group sessions, and more.
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Discuss Futures Thinking


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