Futures Literacy

The Professional Development Skill we are Missing

Why we need to develop our Futures Literacy Skills

If we do not understand the alphabet or the language of a country then we cannot communicate clearly when we travel there. We are unable to read the signs, hear the warnings, see the opportunities. We are illiterate and vulnerable.

Futures Literacy gives you those building blocks to start to read the future so that you can use the models to make substantial plans to craft your preferred future.

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  • What is Futures Literacy?
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From your imagination to reality

What is Futures Literacy?

These are the building blocks to taking ownership of your future.

This content is available as:

Peek Into the Content

Curriculum of the workshop and online course

  1. Introduction to Futures Thinking and Futures Literacy.
  2. Why Futures Literacy is a professional development skill.
  3. The difference between fads and trends.
  4. How to view the drivers of change to scan for future changes.
  5. How to develop a futures thinking mindset and the benefit of flexible thinking.
  6. How to manage the expectation of changes both inbound and outbound.
  7. Characteristics of the future and how to manage uncertainty.
  8. How to develop futures thinking for your organisation or personal use.


By the end of this book or online course, you will:

  1. Be more confident in how to think about the future.
  2. Have some language to handle the future more concretely instead of as an abstract concept.
  3. Understand why the future seems chaotic and how to make more sense of it.
  4. Understand why we are so naturally resistant to change.
  5. Begin to cast a vision for future that will direct you and your team past obstacles and towards opportunities.

Extracts from the book

Testimonials from Clients