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Why we need to develop our Futures Literacy

If we do not understand the alphabet or the language of a country then we cannot communicate clearly when we travel there. We are unable to read the signs, hear the warnings, see the opportunities. We are illiterate and vulnerable.
Futures Literacy gives you those building blocks to start to read the future so that you can use the models to make substantial plans to craft your preferred future.

What are you looking for?

Futures Thinking is a huge field, it is practically, everything that comes after today with a lot of reference to history. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed, then choose first how deeply you want to explore. You don’t need to get a degree if you only want to understand Futures Thinking.

You are looking for an initial introduction to Futures Thinking so that you can decide if it is relevant to your needs.

You could start with the Futures Literacy book or online course or watch these short videos.

Now that you have decided you want to explore further, have a look at the other topics such as Chief Futures Thinking Officer, Conscious Futurist and others.

Its time to develop the mindset, learn the tool set and acquire the skill set to put Futures Thinking to work. You are ready to think of yourself as a Futurist!

There are workshops available as well as personal Futures Thinking Coaching.

How do you prefer to explore?

Are you looking for something to read, or would you prefer to watch a video? Is there something you want to study deeper or would you like some one-on-one coaching to improve your skill set?

Choose from books such as Futures Literacy, Conscious Futurist, Futures Alchemist and more. Books are available on Amazon and other platforms, as well as sometimes available in print. There is also a selection of long books (45,000 words) and shorter, hour long reads of 10,000 words.



What topic are you interested in?

If you are looking for a particular topic or theme, then explore the following.

Do you have a futurist on your leadership team?

If our leaders are not prepared for the future, then all of our strategies, programs and projections will fail. Being futures focussed means that obstacles can be identified early enough to not undermine our plans and new ideas can be found to provide new resources, markets or opportunities.

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