Foresight Dictionary complexity


  • Complexity refers to the state of being intricate, interconnected, or multifaceted. There are non-linear interactions and dynamic feedback loops. Complex systems cannot be easily simplified. It requires a systems thinking approach to understand and navigate.
  • A complicated system however, is easier to reduce to a model or diagram.


Poly Crisis

Adam Tooze’s Poly Crisis work points to the incredible interconnectedness of global situations such as politics, economics, social issues and more. Even when the issues are chosen and reduced to a diagram it is still impossible to anticipate all of the interactions, feedback loops and geo-economic-political relationships

Ask yourself

  • Is your understanding of a situation too simple? Do you see patterns?
  • Can you see where the uncertainties lie?
  • What ethical considerations may need to be made?
  • Can you identify other players’ perspectives?

Learn more about the intersection of Pace and Complexity in ‘From Future Shock to Poly Crisis‘.

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