We are all futurists

We are all futurists

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“We are all futurists. We all look to the future and have dreams and make plans. But we do not need to be content to have these dreams and make these plans just a little more daring than we were in the past. We are not in a world any longer, where things grow by addition. We are in a world where things grow by exponents. You do not need to be a futurist that just hopes to keep your business alive. You do not need to be a futurist that makes your business responsible, or even invested in the future. You want to become conscious futurists. You want to dream dreams that are extraordinary and make plans that change the lives and futures of millions. If these things we have talked about today, are not only possible but already happening, then what more can you do with the resources, the creativity, the skill and talent in your organisations. There is a better way to do business. There is more; more to be experienced. More to be done. And you are the ones to do it.”

Charlotte Kemp, Futures Alchemist


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